The JE 150 fire extinguisher is suitable for Warehouses, Boats, Computer rooms, and Automotive garages. Having the power of 3 large water extinguishers this fire extinguisher ensures fast reaction to large fires. Every fire extinguisher comes with a five year warranty.

JE 150 Fire Extinguisher

  • The JE150 is the largest unit in the Firetool JE range, and is the equivalent of a 6kg dry powder extinguisher
    Note: Bracket isn't included with this item.

    • Compact - 70-80% smaller than its competitors 
    • Lightweight - Ease of use for all ages
    • Non Toxic - Environmentally friendly green agent used
    • Non Hazardous Human and pet safe
    • No Residue Avoid costly damaging clean up
    • Damage Limitation - Safe use on electrical circuits and engine air intakes
    • Five Year Warranty - Non pressurised, no maintenance required



    • Rating - 34B 5F
    • Single Use
    • Weight - 1.75kg
    • Discharge Time - 12 seconds
    • Discharge Distance - 3 metres
    • Dimensions - 236mm x 120mm

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